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2011-08-24 02:04:36 by Molina


God bless you all

2010-05-12 19:53:18 by Molina

Hope God bless u all guys, you all are special people in a diferent way
Belive In God almithing, and i Jesus, the deliverer, so u will be safe, and u will Live for ever
Have a Good Day

God bless you all

Hey guys, New serie

2009-05-17 02:47:21 by Molina

I am working in a new serie called The SunRise of the vampire, I already finished the opening, and I will begin to work in the first episode soon, enjoy the picture.
Darkmoon(The kid) and Lucard (The adult) Shine.
Evariste Bravewolf(The angry kid)
Pablo (Pablito) Towers
Paula Soulwings (The green hair girl)

Hey guys, New serie


2009-02-26 21:00:53 by Molina

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday ,Happy Birthday to me, yahooooooooo XD

Anger part 2

2008-04-22 23:06:12 by Molina

I am working with Pookicker in the secon part of anger, here i have a images

Anger part 2

Say hello to No Face Land

2008-04-10 19:24:16 by Molina

I am going to do something better this, i am working i a serie (if the Lord want) called No Face Land , my first episode is a Final Fantasy parody.
I work the art work a bit more.

Please review

Say hello to No Face Land

Im working

2008-03-05 18:16:23 by Molina

I am working in a Noir film called "Mine" if I finish it, "Mine" will be mi first flash movie.

If this pass the Judgment the victory is mine